Please Bring Apples

A good visitor is someone who brings the most important gift to a small Shetland pony Minion……




Give me an A.
Give me a P
Give me another P
Give me an L
Give me an E
And then an S


A-P-P-L-E-S  (or carrots, they love carrots!)


What do you get?…..some very happy Minions (and their big friend who happened to be in the area).


The boys love apples.  They rarely get them from me (rarely on special offer).


Apples are good for you, everyone knows that!


(just look at BeAnne’s ever hopeful face –  her motto is any calorie is a good calorie!)


There was lots of enthusiasm.


Waffle found it difficult to wait for the apples to be taken out of the packaging.


Very difficult.


He was also very happy to shovel it in as quickly as possible before the others found out.


Just look at Storm’s happy little face with added apple dribble-spit!  Such a good look!


I was proud of my lads today.  They were “fairly” well behaved (said with a slow measured voice).


Although a few teeth were evident, I hope there was no biting.  We have been working on this special skill recently.


It is always lovely to meet like-minded folk who want to get to know my family of sheeps, dogs, ponies and horses. It is even better when they understand my way of life because then I suddenly don’t give a damn about those that don’t.


3 thoughts on “Please Bring Apples

  1. Cassie

    Aw, I have a huge bag of apple cores and peels from making apple pies this weekend. I wish I could share! Living in California means lots of trees, some of which are dropping apples all over the place right now. The deer and squirrels get the bounty and they are not as darling as your minions.

  2. Terri

    I live near apple/pear country and just finished making several batches of applesauce. Too bad you live soooo faaaarrr awaaaaay — or I would have brought a bag of apples to your (grateful and well-behaved) boys. Btw, when I see the Minions next to humans in photos, I am reminded of how small (in stature) they actually are.
    Your lifestyle is perfect for you, that’s all that matters. “Create the life you love to live!”

  3. Sam

    Now that is how to be The Best Auntie EVER! Bribes and more bribes. Love how excited the Minions are over apples. And those who can not “understand” your definition of family can go away, far, far away.


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