This morning, I rode Klængur and then Iacs (because Haakon was miles away chatting up the girls).  Riding Klængur was a joy.  Riding Iacs was, err, well, sort of, kind of, like, erm, um…… different!  He tries his best and it is his best but I am not used to his way of going.

My back hurts when he trots and canters. It isn’t his fault.  It is all me.

So, this afternoon, I stayed indoors nursing my aches and pains and did some autumn paperwork that has been looming Sword of Damoclesesque over me.

Paperwork is boring but, luckily enough, I have the brain of a butterfly and so I was very quickly and easily distracted.

It really doesn’t take much.

First it was Wu.


He covets my chair.  It is war with manners.


Suddenly, overnight he has turned into a family cat which has taken us all by surprise, including himself.


This is Wu trying to include himself in the Family Tree – every winter I delve deeper to find out about my ancestors.  The Shetland nights are long and dark and I find it fascinating.


A laptop cat?


Loki is a fabulous dog, now – communicative, clever and a darling to have around the house.

This is his “is-it-nearly-supper-time?” face!


“It-isn’t-is-it?” face


“Now-considering-therapy” face.

Since the clocks went back the other week, Loki peaks too early by about an hour.

*** sigh ***, it will be like this for the next six months


BeAnne, of course, is permanent enchantment.


She has us all at her beck and call forever.


And we are all her servants.


Happily.  It is my role in life.


7 thoughts on “Inside

  1. Cathy

    Your laptop cat is waiting for the arrival of the mouse. No touchpad nonsense for him.
    Poor Loki. Both of our dogs are confused by the late arrival of meals too.
    Lovely to see BeAnne enjoying the attention of her loyal staff again.

  2. Linda K

    It took him a little while but I’m glad Loki is a wholly settled and happy dog now. I love how Wu can look by turns endearing and menacing. I’m sure he’s not menacing, he just gives a good impression of menacing.

  3. Terri

    Thanks for this post, so cute! I love your ‘allowed-indoors’ critters too. Wu cracks me up, and your dogs are adorable!

  4. Sam

    Love to see Wu! My Maine Coons are also not happy with the time change – much wailing and flopping to show off “empty” tummies. Glad to know I am not the only person distracted from paperwork by warm furry family members. Good luck on getting “your” chair back from Wu.


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