Cold, very Cold

It’s blimmin’ freezing here with a fierce south-east wind.  There was even ice on the water troughs and buckets this morning.

But on the plus-side, the mud is drying up, which cheers me slightly.

I went for a wander with my camera.

I will admit to not feeling terribly inspired about anything at the moment.  It is just too cold.

The Boyzens are clever and know where to look for the best shelter – the back of the indoor school.  It is almost balmy there.

They were all sitting comfortably chewing their cud.  ‘Ster, as ever, enjoying his fashionable food look.

Lambie is not as fat as the others despite special efforts to feed him up.

‘Bert is another fat woolly boy.  Some might say obese.

Puzzah is his usual self.  He has his loving moments and is really trying to behave.  He knows his name and comes when he is called.

I went into Albie and Newt’s field for a little chat.

They are so very loving and appreciate my visits.  Always lots of hugs, especially for Albie.

I am glad they have each other and it is a good idea they are in this field.  I know they miss the others but there is far less mud and they can mooch about for miles if they want.

Could someone bring Spring back please.  We need it.

I love this photo.  It shows how bleak I am feeling.  Abba meets the Eastern Bloc!

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