Après Graduation

After the graduation ceremony, we went back to the hotel to change – I am not spending the rest of the day in a posh frock and heels for anyone.

Then, we drove slightly outwith Oxford to The Trout Inn in Wolvercote for a lovely lunch.

This 17th century pub featured frequently in BBC’s TV sereis Morse and is famous for its’ riverside terraces and resident peacocks.

This is quintessentially Oxford.

After a well-deserved and hard-earned lunch, we drove back to Oxford central, parked up and walked to the Ashmolean Museum.

Oxford is a beautiful city.  A very special place.

The Martyr’s Memorial in St Giles commemorates the 16th-century Oxford Martyrs.

There are the obligatory bicycles belonging to the students.

St John’s College, founded in 1555, is the wealthiest college in Oxford – apparently one of the biggest land owners in the country.

The architecture is wonderful.

It is like walking in a film set.

And then we came across the entrance to the Institutio Tayloriana – part of the Bodleian Library – as Taylors, we loved the Latin inscription.  This is so us!

More tomorrow – it was a great week away.

5 thoughts on “Après Graduation

  1. Rebeccca A Final

    You are lucky to live in a country where old structures are cherished, not torn down and replaced with ugly new ones. The photos are wonderful. And your girls are lovely.


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