Another Day Out

Another day out and about with our visitor.


I am always very proud to show Shetland off.


I want to show visitors the Shetland I find beautiful.  Perhaps not the Shetland that is in the guide books, though.


The heather, at the moment, is in bloom and looking particularly beautiful.  The smell is incredible too.  It really gets to you.


Making most of the non-raining weather, we drove to Snarraness – on of my favourite destinations.


We saw various fauna and flora.


Anyone?  What is this bird?  I have no idea and had a phalarope idea but now I am not quite sure.  Any ideas?  Answers on a postcard.

BN2A7271 BN2A7275

After that, we went to see a small Eriskay horse herd.  There is a new foal this year.


I think they are beautiful.


They have a unicorn-like quality.


On our way, we met this very laid-back four-horned Shetland ram who was chillaxing by the side of the road.


He never moved, while I reversed to take a better photograph, and continued to sit there, chewing his cud.  I thought he was very handsome with a very laid-back temperament.


There is nothing better than taking your time to driving around Shetland, showing folk what you find special.

L1220613   L1220584L1220623

12 thoughts on “Another Day Out

  1. Cate

    Agree with Nick, I think it’s a diver—or as we call it here in Canada, a red-throated loon. We also have the iconic common loon, which has different colouring but same distinctive sunken profile in the water.

  2. Anne

    – or – as we say in Danish: Rødstrubet lom – interesting: loon and lom seems to be the same word.
    (Rød=red. Strube=Throat. This was a little Danish lesson)

    sigh…Shetland…sigh…. In two weeks I shall invade Shetland for the second time in my life. Count down
    has started.

    thank you for reminding me of its beauty. Not that I really had forgotten, but still 🙂

  3. Sam

    And this blog is a wonderful way to show off Shetland! Makes me want to visit. Okay – Lambie and Tiddles also make me want to fly across the Atlantic to meet them…you have another career as a travel tour director.

  4. Terri

    This makes me want to visit Shetland! And the white horse is incredibly beautiful! (poor handsome ram must get a headache from holding up his heavy head — I’d sit down too) I still think VisitScotland should pay your for your PR work!


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