A Discovery

At last!  We have made a huge discovery.

We have finally found Lambie’s favourite food (apart from Rich Tea Biscuits, like the Queen, Meadowherb Glucosamine treats and roasted kale chips).

Lambie loves crunchy peanut butter (organic) on toasted homemade brown bread.

Or, as it is better known, Daisy’s breakfast.  So much so, she had to go and make another round for each of them!

This morning, after his second breakfast (he had his usual Sheep Crunch outside with the others), Lambie came indoors as my OH’s car was driving away!

He even found a new bed that he quite fancied, although it smelled a bit doggy.  I hope he didn’t make it his own!

Lambie found a nice spot and listened to his favourite radio station (Classic FM) while I pottered about doing some cleaning.  I was also keeping an eye on Lambie as he can be quite destructive when left unattended.  His second favourite food was Apple cables when he was little Lambie, hence his eviction from the house.

As always, Lambie seemed very happy indoors.  He even found the dog’s water bowl and had a good drink.

The usual routine, please – say nothing!  OH doesn’t know.  No evidence is ever left and we thank the Gods for Febreeze!

7 thoughts on “A Discovery

  1. Sam

    Such lovely table manners, Lambie has. And so smart to wait for the car to leave before entering the house. Daisy is very kind to share her breakfast.

  2. Linda

    Lambie looks so cozy, lying down in front of the sofa. And I’m with him about peanut butter on toast! He’s got good taste (so does Daisy). 🙂

  3. Terri

    Delicious breakfast! Lambie hasn’t forgotten his first (and “real”) home — inside your house. That’s why he fits in so well, and his manners are impeccable. He’s such a refined gent. I’m sure he thinks of Daisy and Flossie as his fleeceless sisters.

  4. pat

    Oh good grief — absolutely hilarious. You, your daughters, your critters and your darling husband (who I’m sure knows what exactly goes on, and has brains enough to keep his mouth shut and his opinions to himself) are all absolutely wonderful! God’s blessings on you all, and here’s hoping for healthy, happy foals and easy deliveries!



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