A Brief Respite

Well, the first day of the year means it is all change again for the horses and ponies at Thordale.

We moved them to one of our last slightly-less-muddy fields.  I led Haakon and all the rest followed.  They were very pleased to go and didn’t need any encouragement.

The mud is pretty bad everywhere now but there is nothing we can do.  It is always like this for just about everyone.  Luckily, our ground is on boulder clay/rock so the mud can only be so-deep but it can suck your wellies off leaving you hopping about in socks. The ultimate misery that can ruin your day!

Newt struggled to get through the mud.  He is so much smaller than everyone else and it is getting him down.   With the horses in this field, they still have to wade through a deep bit through the gate to get to their feed troughs of silage every morning.  If it gets too bad, I will just keep the little ones up round the house or over at Clothie.   Ankle-deep for Iacs means belly-deep for Newt.  I can see his point.

The boys had a quick run around, which was lovely to watch.

Albie and Newt had a great time trotting about chasing each other.

There is mud up by the house too.  Mud and sheep poo.  Note the broom that lives permanently by the door, as does Lambie. Some folk have those posh “stable” type doors. I have a nursery stair gate!

Still, the nights are getting shorter by about one minute a day.  Anyone remember summer?

3 thoughts on “A Brief Respite

  1. Margaret Robinson

    You’re just in style with the baby gate. We’ve 2 – one keeping The Boys out of the living room or from going downstairs when we have guests. Another gate we use outside is similar to yours and keeps The Boys on the back deck, no able to go down the stairs to the yard where there are always birds (and frequently hawks and owls) and squirrels. At night there are always the owls, then the raccoons who come to wash off their food in the drinking bowl on the deck.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Louise Stopford

    Happy New Year Frances and Family. Hope the mud doesn’t get too bad, must be a bit miserable. Glad to see that everyone’s coping well though and glad to hear that Loki is OK. Best regards.


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