January Sales

Tuesday = Flute Lesson Day so Daisy and drove off to make our poor flute teacher’s morning a living Hell.  We don’t like to disappoint!

Next onto Lerwick for the January Sales!  Of course, I jest – the whole place was closed for business except for three shops/restaurants.

I’ve just looked it up and, apparently, January 2nd is a Bank (Public) Holiday in Scotland.  I did not know this.  I perhaps should’ve since I have lived here for over 20 years!

This is  Oxford Street, London – Boxing Day Sales. I feel ill.

Shetland is perfect for me and my way of life.

So, after a lovely meal – we pooled our Christmas money and treated ourselves, we wended our way home.

The sun was setting and we needed to get home before the daylight vanished completely to feed Taktur and Efstur and put their rugs on – it is going to rain tonight and they will possibly melt.

It is very icey out – the sea has frozen in places which always amazes me as well as looking very strange.

When we got home, we were met by four complainants.  Three at the door.

And Puzzah who has made best friends with the lick bucket!

4 thoughts on “January Sales

  1. Louise Stopford

    The picture of Oxford Street London made me feel ill as well. I hate shopping, apart from garden centre shopping. Although we live (have to live) in a town whenever I have to go into the town centre I can’t wait to get home again and away from any crowds – it’s just not me at all. Hope you are all keeping warm out there on your wonderful Island. The picture of the sea frozen in places was amazing – I don’t think I have ever seen that in real life. How lovely to return home to those boys waiting at the gate for you – do you think they were wanting their tea ‘cupboard love’ or just eager to be with you?


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