I was mugged

As it was such a beautiful day, I put a chair outside for myself plus a couple of dog beds for Celt (he gets easily lost these days) and one for BeAnne. Jack remained firmly indoors – he hates going outside.


opened the gate to let anyone who wanted to eat the grass around the house.  Taktur, Haakon and Iacs appeared….


… and I was mugged.


I took quite a few close-up shots!


I would love to say I had a lovely relaxing time but I was rather busy fending off inquisitive noses from my belongings.


After lunch, which was more a fight of ownership over some leftover pizza, I decided to take the dogs onto the hill for a quiet walk.


I was followed indoors to get a dog lead to drag Jack outside with.


Haakon came along too for company as did Celt, Wussums, BeAnne and in the far distance Jack who hated every minute of it – he loathes the horses with a passion after he and Hammy had an altercation many moons ago.  Jack has never forgiven or forgotten.

IMG_7341 IMG_7350 IMG_7363

I did start the walk with Haakon on the end of a lead rope but it became quickly obvious that he wanted to pick his own way through the bogs so I clipped him onto Jack’s extendable dog lead instead.  It worked well, except Wussums thought it was the best cat toy ever!


The walk was perfect with many stops for photos.


Well, you know me.


3 thoughts on “I was mugged

  1. viola

    Truly wonderful day. Wales was all gloomy today with big grey clouds. No sign of sun or at least some blue sky. I see your ponies are into technology 🙂 it looks like they really want to help you with blogging.

  2. Michelle

    Gorgeous day there; looks like today here! Glad you have plenty of ‘physical therapists’ there to work with you. 🙂

    I took my youngster to his first dressage show today (very basic stuff, just walk/trot) and was very pleased with him. Nice to have a sunny day in our usually wet winter for it!


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