Lyra Still Loves Her Daisy

Lyra spotted her best friend and came from far away in her ginormous field to say hello.


She has always adored just one person in her life – my eldest daughter, Daisy.


Ever since she was a foal, Lyra has let Daisy catch her, play with her and do anything.  The rest of us are always on the edge and mildly tolerated.


But Daisy is Lyra’s special person.  I find Shetland ponies are very good judges of character.


I am glad we kept Lyra back.  Daisy begged us too and she is right.  I think Lyra would be unhappy without her Daisy.


Lyra is a pretty girl and very like her mother as well as her half-brother, Indy.  She is starting to look very much like her mum, Vitamin, who is down at Jo’s stables keeping Delia company.  Apparently Vitamin and Delia like the idea of regular feeds, a big field with a stable if required.  They have quite taken to home life.


Anywho, have a happy New Year and see you all next year. xx



11 thoughts on “Lyra Still Loves Her Daisy

  1. Karen

    Happy New Year to all of you and to Jo too xx thanks for all your wonderful photography and pithy blogs. I love them. See you in the summer 🙂

      1. Karen

        No, no no I love them. Dry humour is my sort of thing and you make me laugh out loud sometimes. Definitely NOT bad 😀 By the way…how is Wuss?

  2. Vicki

    Thank you for sharing your life through your photos and words. What a wonderful post to end the year with, with such love. Happy New Year!

  3. Linda

    Yes, what a beautiful ending to the year! All the best to you and (all) yours in the new year!
    (And so many thank you’s for sharing your life with us) 🙂

  4. Linda K

    I discovered your blog via the Ponies in Cardigans Visit Scotland Campaigne and have enjoyed it ever since.
    I always thought Fivla had a very kind expression and that Vitamin had quite a serene look to her, if these aren’t daft observations to make about ponies.
    I’m sure Delia and Vitamin are appreciating the tlc.
    Happy New Year to you.

  5. Terri

    Thank you, Frances. What a perfectly lovely final post for the year. Thanks so much for sharing “your” Shetland. I live there vicariously through you. All the best to you and yours, furry and less so. xoxos


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