You Can Rely on Lilja

Need help with anything and Lilja is there for you.  Always there.

Although we take drinking water and fill up buckets for the pregnant Icelandic ladies, there are two perfectly good streams/drainage ditches that run through their field for drinking out of.  Floss was making one more accessible for the girls.

Lilja was fascinated watching Floss trying to break the ice without falling over.

So, being Lilja, she offered to help.  She stood nice and close by while Floss used her as support, and kicked away at the ice.

Dear Lilja.  I was very impressed.  All our horses (and sheep) are used to me hanging on to them, due to my inability to stay upright.  They will even let me hang on to be pulled upright, which is very useful.  Lilja is no exception.

Many years ago, when Taktur, Lilja’s father, was an unridden colt, I remember falling over in the mud by the gate in the pitch dark while I was trying to put him out.  Taktur just stood there while I floundered about and ended up pulling myself up hanging onto his hairy legs and then his mane.  So Lilja has it in her genes to be a perfect lady.

And she is.

So, after Floss’ ice-breaking, we walked up the hill back to the car and of course we were followed.  It’s not food Lilja wants.  She is a very people person.

I seriously love this little horse.  Lilja is very special.  She is a horse you can rely on.

7 thoughts on “You Can Rely on Lilja

  1. Sherry Walter

    Right now my horses’ yard is quite icy and I have to navigate a bit of a slope to take their hay down to the feeder. One of my mares very kindly walks right next to me so I can hold the hay with one arm and grab her crest with my other hand so I don’t go arse over teakettle.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I have loved your Lilja from the start. What a beautiful horse she is. Dreki is certainly beautiful too. Can’t wait to see what your new foals will be like when they arrive in Spring/Summer!


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