Bert, Bert, Bert – What Have you Done?

We have sheet ice everywhere now.  It is horrid and I worry about walking on it.  When I came out this morning to feed the sheep, there was ‘Bert sitting down.  Not like him at all.  I called over “I hope you haven’t broken your leg” and he got up and started hopping towards me.  My heart sank.

So we managed to get everyone into a small paddock, I phoned the vet for advice and also waited for our local expert to come along.  He is our postman.

Once the expert arrived, ‘Bert refused to be caught and for a sheep with a supposed broken leg, he was very speedy, breaking out of his enclosure.  We decided that if he could successfully do that, on four legs as if nothing was wrong, then none of them were broken.

I telephoned the vet again and agreeing, she offered ‘Bert a painkilling injection.  So after feeding hay to the Minions, we went to collect said jab and this was my view for the rest of the day – ‘Bert’s bottom leaving.

Lambie and ‘Ster loved all the chasing and bribery – the biccie tin was out in full force.


I tried everything including my secret supply of Shreddies!

Eventually I managed to grab ‘Bert and turquoise sprayed his foot, looked for anything there (nothing), had a sniff (nothing) and gave him his painkilling injection.  He hates me now.

So I have done my best.  The boys are outside the house.  There is a pile of hay and a bucket of water close by.

I reckon ‘Bert has wrenched his leg or shoulder and it will hopefully clear up on its own.

I left them all looking at Monster.

His Best Day Ever – et voilà, an invisible cat!

10 thoughts on “Bert, Bert, Bert – What Have you Done?

  1. louise

    sheep are perverse. One of ours is lame, nothing in his feet, probably bit of arthritis in his shoulder. he gets around ok but limps, he eats well, he is cheerful only option is to have him pts, he is about 13 years old…but he is managing ok if a big higgelty pigglety

  2. Linda Loba

    Poor ‘Bert – animals feel so vulnerable when they’re hurt. Fortunately for us, we can help them and their anger doesn’t last…

  3. Linda Kirk

    Hope Bert’s on the mend soon. Lambie’s fleece is quite impressive – I wonder how many pairs of socks you could get out of it.

  4. Terri

    One never knows what each new day may bring (especially on a croft). Despite his lameness, ‘Bert doesn’t look too stressed. How nice that Monster’s Cloak of Invisibility is finally functioning! (but how to get rid of that shadow?)

  5. Lucy MacArthur

    Fingers crossed for Bert’s leg Frances and hope things get safer for you soon! It puts our snow in perspective in deepest Dorset …

  6. diane in northern wis

    Poor Bert. Sure hope he’s feeling much better soon. You are so good at looking into a problem and fast! If I were a sheep or a horse or a monster…I would feel like I was in good hands always with you around! Just please don’t fall on that ice.

  7. Margaret Robinson

    They’re such like young children when sick or injured. The painkiller probably made him feel much, much better though!

    We are suffering through a big storm that has left almost the entire peninsula without power for various times and tons of downed trees. Highway 1 is open, but with emergency stop signs, not the regular lights (and you can imagine how many people don’t know how to stop at a stop sign!). This is the first good rain we’ve had in several years, so locals take it as It comes and thankful. Tourists run for cover in Bermuda shorts and are upset because there is no power to shops and restaurants. I, like many, say go home or go to your hotel and read a book!


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