The Happy Hormones

The happy hormones have kicked in.  At the moment, Brá is exceedingly easy and tame.  Her eyes are soft and she is happy to see us.

But yesterday Brá let me catch her, have her feet trimmed and then, once released again, stayed next to me to be stroked and made a fuss of.  This is something Brá simply does not do.  People are not her thing so I can only think the Happy Hormones of her 2nd trimester have kicked in.

Hetja is always easy to work with. She only turns into a Professional Mother when her foal arrives.

By my calculations, the ladies may be due between May 9, 2019 – May 24, 2019 and so they are both 32 weeks pregnant.

I found this on t’net
At 8 months, the foetus is:-
9-33 lbs
20-32 inches
Hair on mane, back, ears (squeeeeeee!)

And yes, Brá is fat but what can I do?  She gets nothing but the winter grass in her field.  I do not believe in dieting a pregnant mare.  Hopefully winter will sort it out after all this is how nature works.

Meanwhile, stopping the dreaming of foals with manes growing, ‘Bert has made a miraculous recovery, which is a huge relief all round.

Even yesterday I was contemplating his future as an animal in pain is never good. But today, ‘Bert is almost back to normal.

Sheep – who would have ’em.  From dead (nearly) to alive in two days – there is no middle ground.

1 thought on “The Happy Hormones

  1. Sam

    Sheep, like children, are Soap Opera stars of “pain and woe”. Glad Bra is in a happy place and Bert is gamboling about.


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