Yes, you can train chickens!

I have won my war against the chickens today!  I have finally trained them to stay away from my Icelandic stallion, Taktur, and his grub.


Taktur went out on the road this morning for his training with Bjørn while I traipsed along on foot with my camera and my faithful Hairy Patt.


Bjørn and Taktur warmed up first along the road, while we found a good spot to take photographs.


Eventually, they appeared over the brow of the hill, and I snapped happily away.


Bjørn was concentrating on transitions and containing Taktur’s energy in the best way possible – it is all very technical and, if pressed, I suppose I could explain it to you. I know it when I see it, though I doubt I could ever achieve any of it.  Taktur and Bjørn seem to work together effortlessly.  That is what comes from being a Level 3 FEIF trainer, riding instructor and sport judge for Sport Icelandic horses.  

It is amazing to watch and I take something away with me every time I see him teach Taktur that I want to try on my riding horses (but I can’t, can I Mr Surgeon-person who said NO RIDING? – cross, me?  Yes, bloody furious!)

BN2A9398 BN2A9460 BN2A9468 BN2A9498

It is not all about going fast.  Standing still nicely, quietly and squarely is just as important.


There was much praise and appreciation.  You can see Taktur glow with pride when he has done good.  Such a nice boy.


Taktur also met his first car on the road and that was a non-event as it went past.


And so we went home, after I had located BeAnne, who had wandered off.


Anywho, back to those pesky chickens.  When I put Taktur’s food out for him, I waited nearby and no one, not a dicky bird, appeared.


They all steered very well clear.

BN2A9704 BN2A9726

I did have my new anti-chicken device on standby, though!  She is very good.  If you say “chicken” she buzzes them and if you say “watch ’em” she gets errant furry pony bottoms off the fence!  There is some fine tuning to do but she has the general gist!


And then Celt (ancient 16yo doolally lurcher) wandered past and I thought to myself lesser equines would kick anything that happened to be in the firing line during mealtime but Taktur is generous and doesn’t do that sort of thing.  I can trust him.


Thank the Gods.  Celtie doesn’t know what day it is and so he wandered off again.


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