Wuss came to visit

I am sleeping in Daisy’s bedroom while my leg is in plaster as it is closer to the bathroom.  Staff Nurse BeAnne Duvet, of course, sleeps by my side, never leaving unless she has to.


She takes her duties very seriously and is reluctant to let anyone help.  Even Loki is growled at if he comes in so and we have words about this behaviour as she cannot behave like that.


Since moving up here, Wuss has been a stranger.  I haven’t seen him in weeks as he is the other end of our tiny house fast asleep.  Today, there was a tap-tap-tap and he appeared at the window so I let him in (ok, I dragged him in).  He likes walking along the roof.


Wuss is still nervous of Loki so he had a bit of a wander about first looking for his nemesis.  He even managed to jump on BeAnne, give her a pervy sniff and then settled in my bed.


So, not wanting to appear ungrateful, I picked Wuss up and put him on the blanket at the end.  I was spending the day in bed because I am still feeling a bit owie from the trigger point injections.


You can see BeAnne on the other bed emanating resentment – her speciality that complements loathing and hatred.

IMG_0226  IMG_0235

It made my day to have Wuss on my bed.  I have missed him very much these past few weeks and have been feeling very ignored by him.  I used to send Flo to visit him when she was here. I now have resorted to gleaning updates from OH.

For such a large cat, Wu has a very small lispy purr and he even chirruped when he saw me at the window.  He is a very social cat who is very unsociable but he is beginning to forgive Loki and can now walk through the house.  We have to shut the windows now as it is getting very cold. Loki averts his gaze as he realises his life won’t be worth living if he looks at Wuss.


(The film is for you, Daisy – the lispy purr – I know you miss him x)

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