Wu Goes Outside!

I found Wussums outside this afternoon.  This is a bit of a first for Wu as he tends to only go out when he knows Loki is safely indoors.  Wu thinks outside is not a good place as it leaves him with nowhere to run, though he does always go out at night.

So I was somewhat surprised to see Wussums sitting on the wall and he duly gave me a nose kissey.  In return, I told him how big and brave he was.

BN2A2267 BN2A2269

Mind you, he still gave Loki wonderful filthy looks of total disapproval just for being a dog.


He does loathing so well.


Anyway, we all discussed this new development on our way to photograph the horses.


Kappi looks full.  Full to the brim.  He can stuff no more in and, for Kappi, that is no mean feat.  Like Iacs, food is the way to Kappi’s heart and no one ever gets in his way.


So there was only Taktur stuffing his face with a large chunk of silage I had brought over earlier.


I made the most of the sunshine and took a few snaps.

BN2A2289 BN2A2292 BN2A2294 BN2A2295

There is still snow about – it melts in the sunshine during the day, only to freeze all over again overnight.


The girl/gelding field now has a big bale of silage in it to save my back.  Yes, I realise there is far more waste but, while OH is out of action, I am trying to make my life easier so my chores take less time and my back is not taking the brunt of the extra work.


5 thoughts on “Wu Goes Outside!

  1. Terri

    Long live the wonderful, wary Wu! (I hope he realizes that if he runs, Loki may mistake him for a rabbit….) “Watch your back!” (literally) If your back goes, your entire menagerie will be in trouble.


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