Worried then Not Worried

I spent all of yesterday watching Haakon like a hawk who spent all of yesterday lying down or standing up but not eating.  Please, not colic, was all I could say under my breath.

I even went out to feed him a carrot while he was lying down, which he gracefully accepted.  I listened for bowel sounds, which had.  But, ever worried, that night I gave him some of Bibble’s probiotic paste and promptly made a note to get some wormer as soon as possible.

These photos are from my last wander of the night. Seeing the horses eat made me feel easier about things.  The night before had been very midgey and I think everyone was exhausted from that.  Hence the resting all day and not eating.

Anyway, today, I wormed them all so I can tick any lurking nasties off the list.

But while I was doing my late evening checks, I noticed Newt had obviously read my previous blog about not being a very nice pony.

And there he was doing lovely sharing with everyone, even Waffle.  I didn’t know Newt could read but I feel encouraged he is now making an effort.  Maybe he didn’t like being publically shamed.

3 thoughts on “Worried then Not Worried

  1. Kathleen woolley

    I knew Newt wasn’t all bad. I just love him, he is such a character. Try not to worry about colic, all will be well.


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