Clearing Up

If it is windy, we hang the haynets for the boys on the gate into their field.  Some hay has blown through so, now the girls have gone, I can open the gate and they can clear it up.  So I did and they didn’t.

They went off to eat the grass around my little house.

I told Taktur not to bother the old men.  They were Out of Bounds.  Haakon hates him.

The old men (ok, Klængur isn’t really old but he is happy to pretend) looked on curiously and possibly enviously.

After lunch, I found this little dragon was outside the front door.

We had a wee chat because we do these days. Dreki always looks like he has swallowed a button.

And I took some photos for Daisy. Kappi  managed to lift his head up for a quick snap.

And of course Efstur had to come over for his too.  He looks very “strange”, not like Efstur at all.  Maybe the aliens were in his head.

Meanwhile, good old Taktur had remembered his purpose and was eating up the leftover hay.

2 thoughts on “Clearing Up

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    I can’t tell Klaengur and Efstur apart (do both of them have a white star on their forehead?)
    might need to check out the family album again DUH.
    Thanks for the blog. I miss smelling horsey alfalfa breath and kissing noseys. Guess you can’t send that in the blog 😉


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