Work Hard, Play Hard

Today, we have worked hard doing stuff.  Lots of stuff.

We are currently taking up all the rubber mats in the stables, scrubbing them on both sides and disinfecting the concrete underneath.

Just moving each mat is a two-man job and Floss and I are on this job.  We give ourselves 5 mats a day to scrub and dry.  Daisy scrubs and disinfects the concrete flooring.

It is fairly unforgiving on my back, though, but we have it down to a fine art now and five-a-day is manageable while looking as though we might get through it by next weekend.

After the mats, we cleared out the container.  This is where we keep the feed and throw all the silage wrap and old feed bags.  We put everything into the van to take to the dump later on this week.

Then there is the riding.  Floss and I went out on our horses, Klængur and Haakon.  Yesterday’s schooling worked and Haakon has remembered how to tölt, which was a relief.  I loathe his piggy-pacing.  Very uncomfortable.

After our ride, Floss mentioned that Klængur’s tack was dry so I showed her how to clean it properly and then, as an afterthought, decided I should do Haakon’s as well.

Floss’ question:  “How often should you clean tack, Mum?”

I had no answer: “*** cough *** er, um, not sure, perhaps a bit more often than we do!”

So after all of that, plus feeding LD every waking minute of the day, Floss and I went to talk to the boys.


And then Newt sat down!

Bliss.  Darling boys. (I had Waffle and Tiddles standing beside me, asleep breathing in my ears).

This is our heaven.  We deserve this.  We worked very hard.

7 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. The Green Dogs

    Aww, Newt is so cute (and it’s true because it rhymes)! You are so busy, what with mats and birds, it would indeed be lovely to unwind in a field full of ponies. 🙂

  2. diane in northern wisconsin

    Wow ….such hard, hard work you do. But then the beautiful pictures of Floss and the horses made me smile so much. Such beauty in those creatures. You have such beautiful daughters! Thanks for the great pics.

  3. Louise Stopford

    Lovely to see all the photo’s of the ponies and horses. Hope you’re doing OK with the baby bird. We rescued a baby pigeon over 2 years ago and fed him with a syringe every couple of hours and kept him in the greenhouse until he decided it was time to fly the nest. He used to sit at the top of the pipe at the back of the house every night so we bought him a very expensive bird box. He never used the bird box but integrated with all the other pigeons. He still comes back into our garden every single day.


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