Winter Beach Walk

Firstly, I just want to say thank you for all your messages/comments/emails of support and advice about little Jack (et Potato).  They are hugely appreciated and it is lovely to know that you are out there thinking about him.


As today’s weather was good, ie no rain or wind, OH and I went over to Sandness (4 miles away) to collect more silage bales – ok, OH did all the work, I just watched.

Afterwards, we went for a walk on Norby Beach with Loki and BeAnne.


We were the only ones there and it is always nice to have the beach to ourselves.   I always feel resentful if anyone else arrives, like it should be my private beach.


BeAnne did some paddling, which she loves…..


And Loki did some too out of necessity, which he loathed.


OH and I had an in depth discussion about coastal erosion which mostly consisted of him saying this beach would make a fabulous project for someone as it changes shape daily.


And then me saying that I should have listened a bit more in Geography lessons as I could’ve bored him with endless information about this.  But I hadn’t, so I didn’t.


Meanwhile, the dogs had a good time running around and OH walked throwing some driftwood while I took photos.

BN2A9170     BN2A9301

And it was good to have a change of scene in slightly calmer weather.


If you are wondering about the boys.  Everyone is fine.


5 thoughts on “Winter Beach Walk

  1. Linda

    What a nice afternoon you and your OH had! (Looks like the dogs had a pretty good time too…)
    Loved the photos of the erosion, and the patterns in the…little edges of the beach?
    And blessings on little Jack; may he (someday) slip away quietly in his sleep.

  2. Terri

    Such a sweet photo of dear Jack! And wonderful action photos of Loki and BeAnne! I’m glad you had such a nice walk — thanks for sharing “your” beach.

  3. Sam

    Love the Jack picture and the one of the sand! That one makes me want to knit it, if I knitted.
    Thank you for sharing your life, animals and stories. Makes this American want to visit you.


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