Mud and Thaw

This is my poor little crofthouse surrounded by what was once grass and is now a vision of mud.

Depressed muchly but it will recover in spring. It always does.  I am beginning to forget what long grass looks like.


Today the snow was in the process of thawing, helped with alternating drizzly and pouring rain.

The boys were all together in the Minion field.  This field is about the only one that is not pure mud and, as they seem to get along fine, I thought they could spend the day out there.


To begin with, they all disappeared and as Taktur was going to be trained, I felt unenthusiastic about traipsing across this huge field looking for my little herd.  As I watched them vanish over the hill, I could see Klængur had drawn the short straw and was babysitting Storm and Tiddles.


Afterwards Charlie took over.   He can’t decide if he is a big boy or a Minion.  I am encouraging him to be a big boy as I think, once he had wedged himself into the Minion shed, there wouldn’t be room for anyone else!  His BFF is Taktur.  They are having a lovely bromance.


So that is the herd.  It has taken me some time to trust Taktur not to hassle Tiddles and I probably could’ve put them out together sooner, but it was not a risk I was willing to take.


They still all come in at night.  The big boys separate from the Minions and go into their shed while the little ones are put to bed!

Everyone can go out into a field if they want but they are not left together.  Maybe in Spring.


1 thought on “Mud and Thaw

  1. Deb Twomey

    In spite of all this crummy weather for you your land is magnificent. Miles without houses is what I have always dreamed of. The croft house is amazing. We are still working on our plan to visit in 2016. saving our pennies. Pony kisses for all


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