Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?

I had a little part of the field, opposite the indoor school, fenced off.  A field in a field.  Originally it was to put a silage bale in during the winter so the horses could have access to the bale for a certain amount of time, but at the moment, this is not feasible.

This little paddock is where the food containers live anway and I asked for some slats of wood to be attached the corner of the fence, on the hard standing to make a bit of a shelter.

The ponies already have a high wall for shelter when there is a bitter north wind but this new part is for the easterly gales.

Why haven’t I done this sooner?

They love it!

It was designed so there is Just enough space between the slats to let the wind through (necessary as a complete barrier would blow the fence down in a good gale) but close enough to offer shelter.

Little Newt and Albie are very happy with this new set-up.

I watch them with Delia and she is never nasty to them, always sharing her food.  Anyone else would be thumped if they even looked at it.

I have had to take Gina and Gypsy out of the field as they spend most of their days standing together away from the others, looking miserable.

They are around the house now and can eat the grass and a pile of silage with the sheep.  They seem happier with this set-up and they have access to Lambie’s 2nd bedroom (no wifi, no radio – sorry), if they want.

It seems an easier solution all round.  They will be going south at the end of the next week.

6 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?

  1. Linda

    Hey, a new hangout for the boys! And dear Delia – she know little boys need their food…

    Best of luck, prayers and good wishes to Gypsy and Gina.

  2. Louise Stopford

    It’s often one of those – you decide to do something and think “why didn’t I do that before?” Sorry that Gina and Gypsy and not staying with you and I really hope that they do get a lovely forever home, together. Will the SSPCA let you know the outcome? Good luck to those 2 lovely elderly ladies (I wish I could have them).

  3. Sam

    Hope that Gina & Gypsy have a safe travel to a loving new home. Sometimes it takes awhile for obvious answers to show up. Love the group picture so we can get an idea of Newt’s Tinyness.


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