Over the Wall

The weather has calmed down so everyone is outside again.

We moved the Icelandic herd to Clothie – my five acre field.  It is a short walk across the hill.

There are a couple of old buildings, including a derelict school house, and some lovely high wall drystone dykes, so good shelter too.

I led Hjalti over, while Daisy and OH led Iacs, Haakon and Klængur.  Efstur followed behind.  Hjalti led like a seasoned pro.  No pulling, no dragging, just politely walking alongside.  He is a darling little chap.

Later, I lugged silage to them and found little heads popping up everywhere!

Being with the three elder Icelandic geldings, is doing Efstur and Hjalti the world of good.  They are learning their herd manners.

Haakon has calmed down about silage ownership and stopped being a dragon but he does demand respect from the lesser mortals in his group.

Meanwhile, the youngsters worship the ground Klængur walks on.

Klængur enjoys this adulation and has risen to the challenge.

So all is good with these guys.  They are a close-knit group with a wide age range.

Iacs is on top form too.  His silly-frilly is still work-in-progress.

Daisy rides him almost every day and that has helped to loosen him – he was getting stiff this winter.

And these two?  Well, just that – these two!  Honestly, they are joined at the hip and twice as gorgeous!  Watching them grow up is such a joy.

6 thoughts on “Over the Wall

  1. Sam

    The only thing that makes me smile harder than Iacs Silly Frilly is Lambie’s smile.
    Glad you got a break in the weather. Here in New England, today is a balmy 57 degrees but tomorrow is 32 with 10″ of snow before 2pm, then back to the mid-40’s.

  2. Sally Richmond

    I look forward to sitting down in the evening and reading about your day.
    The little herd all look so healthy and content, living the life of a true Shetland pony.

  3. Darby

    glad everyone got through the recent bad weather. we here in the Eastern US are about to get clobbered with much snow tomorrow. I just love the photo of the two little guys!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Absolutely stunning photography!! Glad that you all seem to have weathered the storm OK. Those guys look so well (an absolute credit to your care). Gosh I don’t know how you have enough hours in the day to do all that you do and care for all your wonderful critters. Thanks for sharing – it’s so lovely to get an insight into your life on Shetland. Kind regards.


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