Newt’s Revenge

It was snowing this morning, then suddenly it stopped and the sun came out.  Rugs were off despite the snow, and it was a lovely day.   Crisp and cold but not horrid.

Little Newt had pushed all the silage out of his box and made himself a little bed.

And so he went to sleep.

Fast a-bye-byes.

Happy in his little Newt-made comfy bed.


And then Albie came up.  I told him not to.  I really did.  I forbade him from going up to Newt. I told him he would make no friends doing what he planned.

It fell on deaf ears.

Dear little wicked ears.  Albie is a naughty boy.

🌺 🌸 🌹 🌻 🌼 💐 🌼 🌻 🌹 🌺  🌸 🌹🌺 🌸 🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺 🌻 🌸 🌺

Meanwhile, a few hours later.  This evening……

We put some straw down in the new sheltery bit.  Yes, it will blow away.  Yes, the ponies will probably eat it or poo in it, but I don’t like them lying on the hard standing with nothing for a bed and seeing Newt making his little bed, just confirmed that we needed to do this.

I was just thinking how cute Newt was……

….. as he wandered around the resting Albie.

Aw, they are so sweet together.

Or was it?

No, my bad, it is still cute.

Really cute, friends forever together.

They love each other.

No, they really do.

And then I saw, for the first time, Newt playing with Albie.

Newt’s revenge is complete.  He can annoy Albie as much as Albie annoys him!  This is a first and Newt has found his BFF!   Life is good.  This is a Newtie Milestone.


7 thoughts on “Newt’s Revenge

  1. Carol E

    Such a lovely set of photos, and nice to know that Newt and Albie have bonded. Newt has so much personality! At first I thought maybe he took the silage out of the box so he could sleep in the box, like a cat, as it looks like he would fit.

    Still missing your ovines, I hope they are as charming as ever.

  2. Linda

    Ohhh, Newt is growing up (sniff, sniff) – but he and Albie will have such fun together.
    And hooray Newt; you got everyone a nice soft bed!!


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