White Weirdo

Me (this rainy afternoon, shouting up the stairs):   “Daisy, do you have any good photos on your phone that I can use for the blog?”

Daisy (shouting back):  “I’ll have a look”.

And then she sent me these so blame her, please.

Basically all are titled “The White Weirdo”.

Who likes to sit on bubblewrap.

Our Family (can anyone spot the cat? – it’s a tough one, sorry!)

And a text from my friend (kitten Mum) – “Dougal says sorry he didn’t see you yesterday but he had important sleeping to do….

And with that BeAnne went and finished off Monster’s supper. Wee fatty but secretly I am thinking “that’s my girl!”

4 thoughts on “White Weirdo

  1. Sam

    Cats are merely plasma to ooze on things. Dougal is adorable! And Brava to BeAnne to snarf the cat’s crunchies. Many of the cats I have had LOVED bubblewrap for sitting on. Not at all sure why.

  2. Linda Loba

    I get such a smile from Monster’s tendency to “lurk” around. Just a beautiful white ghost around the farm…And Dougal (I love that name) looks so very comfortable. For some reason I’m always surprised to see cats sleeping on their backs – it’s such a vulnerable position, and doesn’t seem “cat like” to me…


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