White Panther

During the dogwalk, as I had a good phone signal (rare here), I phoned the vet and booked Pepper in for a consultation as every time I looked at her, she was still hopping more.  We go tomorrow morning – me, my guilt and my dog.

On the walk, Monster came too to do a spot of prowling.

I spent my time trying to take photos of him being a White Panther in the tall grass.  White Panther Cat is his official veterinary name.

(and no, he hadn’t stopped to have a pee. This is not his pee face)

When we reached the old derelict croft house and school house, which is at the end, I knew what was going to happen next.  There is a small window and Monster was determined to get through.

And this is possibly the first time I have ever seen him dirty and defeated.

When I heard the miserable wailing of utter dispair, I went round to the front door of the house and called Monster down from his ledge.

Can anyone see a cat?

And as Pepper is lame, I didn’t want a long walk, so I turned for home, calling Monster too.

As Daisy would say, “look at him go!”

Home over the scattald (open hill)…..

And Monster took to his bed to recover from the trauma of being a White Panther Cat. It’s hard work being an icon.

3 thoughts on “White Panther

  1. Sam

    White Panther Cat is better than the name the vet gave one of my mom’s cats. HUGE orange sticker proclaiming BFkitty as Dangerous, best handled with hawking gloves. Now my last boy cat was the opposite – vet had to cover his nose to stop the purrs when listening to heart and lungs.

  2. Rebecca A Final

    I laughed at the pic of your white panther way off in the distance in the very green grass against the stone building. I KNOW Monster thought he was hiding because that’s what my white panther cat does. He’s a very unskilled hunter and believes he is hiding from his “prey” when actually he looks just like that. Makes me laugh.

  3. Holly

    Oh dear, poor Pepper. I felt such a bad cat mommy one time. I was taking Freddie (officially Friederich) to the vet for the day for a glucose curve. He usually rode loose in the car (yes, I know that’s not optimal) sitting calmly in the passenger side footwell on the side nearest the driver. We were about halfway there when I realized he was sitting on the far side of the car from me and hadn’t lain down as usual. hmm. I glanced over quickly, an OMG his paw was in the bottom of the door frame!!! I was on the motorway, but pulled over immediately. Luckily, his paw was between the metal frame and the rubber gasket on the inside of the door. I almost gave myself a heart attack. That day he’d been a little squirrel-y getting him in, so I had to kind of push him back while quickly closing the car door before he scooted out. He was happy for me to gently examine his paw and I quickly but carefully resumed by trip to the vet’s office. I confessed my crime and asked them to do any scans or x-rays necessary. Luckily it was only a bit sore, but I felt so bad. How did I not notice for the first ten minutes off our trip?!? Luckily Freddie was a very kind and forgiving fellow and I gave him plenty of attention and cuddles (as he allowed) later that day.


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