To the Vet

Yesterday, because of the three-legged walk, I made the appointment for Pepper to see the vet.  We got there nice and early and there was no waiting;  we were straight in.

Pepper is always very enthusiastic about her vet visits.  She jumped straight onto the weighing machine without being asked.

And her weight is good to know too. I shall write that down somewhere useful like at the front of my Farm Book.

I popped Pepper onto the examination table, as requested.  She didn’t object to being examined and bravely tried to keep her tail wagging all the time as she shoved her nose into my arm trying not to look or wiggle, though her poorly paw obviously hurt..  The conclusion was that she was A Very Good Girl and that her foot was not broken.  Painkillers were prescribed for the next five days and we were told no walks, just minimal activity.

While I was paying the bill, Pepper met a lovely labradoodle who she instantly liked.  Said doodle was not keen on the vet and refused point blank to go into the examination room when it was her turn, so I led Pepper first and, again tail -wagging, she walked straight back in with the doodle-dog now following her.  We left them to it.  I was very proud of my little girl.

As I write, the limp of course is now nearly non-existent but knowing the paw is not broken and just bruised is a huge relief for me.

Now, how to keep a small very active terrier happy with minimal activity for the next five days.  Answers on a postcard, please!

5 thoughts on “To the Vet

  1. Sam

    Well done helping the other dog at the vet, Pepper. Now Mum will need a large bottle of adult beverages to keep Miss Pepper quite for five long days…

  2. Kathleen Ann Woolley

    The last photo of Monster on the stairs says. “ Ugh ! You have been to the vets “.

  3. MaryB

    Monster rather looks as if he can’t quite believe anyone can go to see the vet and actually not mind doing so.

  4. Michelle

    Well. I think you should have gotten a major discount on your bill or at least a nice contribution from the doodle-dog’s owner for Pepper’s services as an assistant! Glad the paw is not broken; I have lived with years of guilt for allowing my terrier pup’s wee paw to be stepped on by one of my horses when she was just nine weeks old (yes, it got VERY broken).


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