When Visitors Re-Visit

When visitors come to see the Minions, they don’t usually come back.   We are a brief encounter on the off the beaten track unofficial things-to-do in Shetland circuit.

But today we were re-visited, which made it a special day (as well as being given two types of delicious cake and some beautiful plants).

The re-visitor knew the drill and what to expect.

The Minions gave it their all.

And I think it was appreciated, if not enjoyed, even.

Our visitor brought her daughter so that she too could enjoy the hands-on Minion experience.

I asked each visitor which Minion they wanted to take home, if it were possible.  Newt was chosen to “go south” as was Lilja.

These days Lilja makes a very good honorary Minion.  So that’s the biggest and the smallest packing their imaginery red spotty hankies.

I think these visitors will be back, somehow.  They hear the call of the Minions.

5 thoughts on “When Visitors Re-Visit

  1. Kerry

    Just working out how to fir them under the seat on the Easyjet flight home!

    They were a great bunch and yes, I will certainly want to see them again. Your animals are all such great characters, it is clear they get first class care and attention but most of all lots and lots of love from you. Thanks for sharing them


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