What? Snow? April!

We woke up to this!


Snow.  There was a blizzard first thing. Real fat snow-flakes blowing past the window as I got up and got dressed.  My heart fell.  We could all really do without this.

And then as quickly as the snow appeared, it vanished which was lucky as I really did not feel like battling with in the “deep and crisp and even”.

So, after we had fed everyone at Thordale, been for a bimble (ride when Iacs/aka Mr Bimble is present), Flossie and I drove over to Lyradale so Flossie could say her good-byes.

Flossie is going back up to Oxford for her last term and finals (everything is now crossed).

Where has the time gone?  So quickly.

As Flossie’s pony, Fivla has always been very special.

They both go a long way back and have always been the best of friends. They understand each other and had many conversations together.

So, Flossie said her goodbyes and we all wish her the best of luck for the coming weeks of torture, exams and hell.

I think Fivla is looking well and almost the right shape now.

4 thoughts on “What? Snow? April!

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Please pass on my best wishes to Flossie for her exams.

    The weather this winter/spring has been bizarre. It’s not unusual to have snow down here in May and June but our last was in March after a weekend of highest March temperatures. Very hard on the ponies and on the humans who have to deal with them!

  2. Sam

    Yep, this is “The WInter that WILL NOT leave”. Good luck to Flossie on her last term and exams!
    Flavia is looking lovely.


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