Doubly Annoying

Bjørn came over to shoe Kappi and then to give Daisy a quick lesson afterwards.  She has been training Kappi very hard all week, making him fitter and everyone could see a huge difference.

Obviously, there were helpers.

First, there was Albie.

And then Newt.

Everyone’s an expert!

Shoeing horses is hard work, so while Bjørn had a quick sit-down to recoup, the Mini-Minions did more “helping”.

(Amina, Bjørn’s German shepherd dog, was a very good girl or “flink jente”).

“One of us, one of us” – Albie is definitely a Minion.  No mistaking his calling in life.

He even came back later on in the day, while we were working outside, to get himself a headcollar out of the school to play with!

Anywho, Daisy and Kappi were warming up on a long rein and Albie decided this was intriguing and something he needed to see close-up.

He followed them both round.

And then Newt decided this was something he should do too, because if Albie does it, then it must be fun.

(I do think Albie moves very prettily).

Kappi was not thrilled by the intruders so Daisy stopped him to let the boys introduce themselves properly.

Now, who says we don’t have midges in Shetland!?

Yes, they were banned after one circuit of being very, very annoying but it was very funny to watch and they are both deliciously cute.

8 thoughts on “Doubly Annoying

  1. Sam

    Wouldn’t mind those kind of midges! And Albie does have lovely action. Any chance of a teeny tiny cart for him to pull?

  2. Anne

    Very cute indeed. They just each need a little knitted saddle with a knitted Daisy sitting on top to finish that picture off perfectly


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