The Galloping Dots

When I was driving back from Lyradale, all I could see were two galloping dots.

They chase one way……

…. and then they chase the other.

(I love the way Delia just gets on with the task of eating (so important) while Albie and Newt are bouncing about having fun.)

I have been waiting for this day for a very long time.  Proper playing.

And then suddenly they stop.  All bets are off while they both get their breath.  Killing each other is obviously exhausting!

A few minutes later there is a small hopeful nose wuffle…..

…. and off they go again!

Do not feel sorry for Newt…..

…. or worry about his small stature (26″ now).

Newt is tough.

He gives as good as he gets.

Often starting it!

The little boys go endlessly round and round in circles trying to “get” each other.

And then Newt goes in for the kill!

Albie’s knees!

Being smaller has its advantages!

I could watch these two little boys all day.

(ok, I will admit that a good part of my day is spent watching the games, the endless games – this is what both these little chaps need.  Last year, Albie wasn’t really up for playing and now he has a BFF, Spring is in the air and they are both enjoying being together)

**** sniff **** this is perfect!

5 thoughts on “The Galloping Dots

  1. Susan

    Except the color of your two & of course the beautiful views those could be shots of my two. Though one being 10, I’m fairly certain he gets tired of the 4 yr olds shananigans.


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