What fun we had THIS Sunday!

Fiona and her kids came round today. Rohan, her eldest lad, had a guitar lesson with my OH and his 12 guitars (aka kindling).  I left them to it, having printed out the chords and tabs for Smells Like Teen Spirit when I heard Rohan play a riff (trendy Mum, me, I know the lingo) so they could have something to practice and work with.

Meanwhile the girls, Amber and Arwen, were put to work brushing and tacking up their noble steeds.

Amber’s noble steed was Iacs, aka Mr Bimble.


Together they bimbled around the school going brilliantly.


There was much concentration from both of them.


I think it was Amber’s first time off the leading rein and Iacs looked after his rider kindly.


And I think you can tell by the big cheesey grin that Amber had fun.


Meanwhile, after a difficult start, we found Arwen’s speciality.  Bearing in mind her mother, Fiona, is her qualified Gymnastics’ coach at Shetland Gymnastics Club, Arwen decided to do some gymnastics on Haakon.  Like I do so often!  This was the basics we first started with.


BN2A5040 BN2A5019

And then a bit of this (walking, look while walking)


Finishing with this….


Darling Haakon, he was so good and did everything required and Darling Bimble did his very best too.  Both got huge thank-you’s from their riders.  That is the most important bit if you ask me.

BN2A5047 BN2A5038

Snati watched.  I doubt he could do that but we all know BeAnne would!


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