Indy sees some action!

Yesterday we decided on which mares to put Indy out with.

First we collected Indy and drove him 4 miles down the road to Sandness where he screamed and belly-ached that he could smell his girls.


Luckily the trailer is divided into a front and back section. He was in the front so there was nothing he could do when we collected Millhouse Verona en route.


Millhouse Verona is a darling 10 year old mare who is the nicest of our Millhouse mares.  So off she went in the trailer with Indy shouting and we let them out together in a nice small(ish) paddock where they could reacquainted.  Verona has already had three lovely foals out of Indy including the gorgeous Sweetums and the and unforgettable Ermintrude.


So while Verona and Indy got to know each other, Jo and Fiona went off to fetch Threapwood Velvereta.  We thought since losing her foal, it might cheer her up to have another run with Indy this spring.  She always fancies him something rotten and makes it perfectly clear.


Indy was beside himself with happiness. Having lived with the boys for the winter, and not had a sniff of a girl for months, I think he was beginning to think we had forgotten about him and his “needs”.


He danced and pranced about for his laydeeeeeez!

BN2A5323 BN2A5321 BN2A5079 BN2A5387 BN2A5312

You would’ve thought they would be impressed but no, they just lured him in like Sirens on the beach and then beat him up!

BN2A5144 BN2A5153 BN2A5172 BN2A5253

He loved it!  The best day he’s had for ages.  He was covered in mares’ squirt (there is no nice way of putting it, sorry) and he was happy as a pig in clover – look at the face on that!


Everyone has a wonderful sea view of Papa Sound looking over to Papa Stour, not that anyone is going to get much of a chance to stand still to admire it, if you ask me.

BN2A5214 BN2A5212

I think Indy will take Velvereta’s mind off her stillborn foal.  She did look very pleased to see him.  It was lovely to watch as she trotted enthusiastically into the field.


They were all beginning to get on well by the time I was leaving.

BN2A5416 BN2A5413

As long as no one sits down on the job, I think they will be fine.


(and lying down is not acceptable either)


8 thoughts on “Indy sees some action!

  1. Karen

    This gave me big cheesy smiles after a trying day yesterday and an early morning start today. Thank you!

  2. Rockytopsis

    Just got around to reading this today and thank Indy for the big smile he put on my face. Not that I was laughing at him mind you but with him at his happiness.


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