I woke up with the mother and father of all migraines so I stayed in bed sleeping, while it rained and rained and rained.


When I woke up, I could see that it has made a huge difference very quickly in both the garden and the surrounding fields.


The grass will now get the kick-start it so desperately needs and grow.  We will then all worry about how fat everyone is getting.


OH’s garden is starting to bloom. I wandered about with my camera just taking the usual weird shots.

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It is always lovely to see some colour after such a long dull and boring winter, except for those fab Northern Lights.


BeAnne is back to her usual self, if a little reticent about life in general.


Jo came over with some squeaky toys to cheer the dogs up.  In his youth, Jack loved a squeaky toy and he made it his life’s work to kill the squeak,  He used to be vicious to the point that squeaky toys were banned in our house.  But, today, he wasn’t interested at all.  He did try to be polite, though.


Usually, Jack would’ve ripped the squeak out of it in seconds.  So BeAnne took over because Jack didn’t want it or care.


This is not like Jack. I am worried about him.  If you had asked him if he liked Celt when he was alive, he would’ve said no, he was an old fool who got in the way and in his bed.  But now Celt has gone, Jack has no old fool to hate and he is lost.  I will buy some Zylkene next week and see if that helps otherwise we might lose him too.  I hate seeing Jack like this.  It is not his usual belligerent self where he contentedly loathes the world. He was such a happy Grumpy Old Man.  He even sat at my feet.  He has never done that.  He has daily Rescue Remedy.


And on Monday, I can drive! Woo hoo.  I can get out and about again.  Can’t wait.


All vibes for Jack now, please.  (sorry, you will have run out of vibes soon)


9 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. Karen

    Poor Jack…our cat was like that when t’other one was killed on the road, even though we still had a dog that she adored and I wasn’t much better. In the end we buckled and got another cat companion for her. Sending ‘doggy healing’ vibes to Jack and hugs to you too…it is not easy to watch our companions feeling confused and sad. Love your photos!

  2. Christina Smith

    I am so sorry to read about Celt and now Jack’s grief. It will take some time for them all to adjust….it was good that the other dogs had a chance to see Celt’s body, I think it really helps them understand.
    I have some leftover Zylkene here from one of my girls who I lost in January. If you would like to start Jack on it asap, just sent someone across tomorrow to pick it up.

  3. Martine

    We give Cinny Kalm Aid, made by Nutri Science, when there is thunder around. It makes a huge difference – she is still a bit stressed but is no longer hysterically trying to dig holes underneath the bookshelves. Might be worth a try if you can get hold of it.
    But remember animals need time to grieve too.
    Sending vibes for Jack anyway in lieu of an actual bottle of Kalm Aid.

  4. Frances Post author

    Thank you. We are trying to make a fuss of him and to tell him he is our special lad but he is very sad and very deaf. He is Father Jack Hackett usually.

  5. Kim

    Lots of ear rubs and belly scratches to Jack. Watched our cats do the same, and it was hard. Hope his spirit picks up soon.

    As others have said, your photos are spectacular.


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