What do you want, Kappi?

Everyone else had galloped down to the bottom field.

Everyone else, except Kappi.

He was hanging around, waiting.

But I am just not sure what he was waiting for.

I did ask him.

But I was none the wiser.

Kappi wasn’t going to tell me.

So I left him with a duck and a couple of chickens as friends.  Kappi just wanted to be alone.  Fair enough. As long as he was happy in his solitude.

The others were in their other field, a long way off. Taktur was busy sniffing a lovely Icelandic lady-girl four fields away.

I did wonder whether Taktur was being annoying/a bore (he has form and that is why Haakon doesn’t share a field with him anymore).

In the end, I told Kappi he would have to rejoin his herd as I wanted to close the adjoining gate, so he galloped down the hill closely followed by Efstur and Dreki.

And it was then I decided that being annoyed by that pair of idiots was probably the reason he was in a different field by himself.

I don’t blame him for wanting peace and quiet.

4 thoughts on “What do you want, Kappi?

  1. Dona

    Having to shelter in place for weeks on end with family makes you want to find a field and be alone.
    Love your trip through Lerwick. I have ordered those colorful flags hanging above town & plan to string them in the trees in our backyard & pretend I am in Shetland!

  2. diane in northern wis

    I love your solemn Kappi. and Your pictures, as usual, are beautiful. Especially love the picture of him running!


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