What Happened


Some of you asked what happened to Velvereta.

Well, yesterday, we found her standing by herself in the field.  She was tucked up, rolling and not right at all.

Immediately we called the vet out, fetched the horse trailer, and got her to the stable 1/2 mile down the road.

The vet examined her in the stable, where she collapsed.  He said she definitely had pneumonia but something else was going on too.  He gave her an antiflammatory injection to help her breathing, and a little while later, she died.

His diagnosis was septicaemia or an abscess had burst inside.  The pneumonia was a secondary infection.  She went downhill very fast and there was absolutely nothing we could do.

We do not know what caused this and without a PM (post mortem), we will never know but we decided against further investigation as the rest of the herd seem fine.

A faecal sample for a worm count was taken- none were found.

She was in foal.

So now you know.  Just one of those beastly things.  You have livestock and then you have deadstock.

Velvereta’s time on this earth was precious.  She was an amazing mare.  The mother of some superb foals.  We were privileged to know her.

14 years old.  That is no age at all.

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13 thoughts on “What Happened

  1. Linda

    Sooo sorry – life is unfair when it comes to things like this. She certainly has a majestic and amazing presence in these photos and it’s a double hit knowing she was lost with a baby too. God bless Velvereta and her family.

  2. lesley cafferky

    Thank you frances for filling us in, I to was wondering. Septicaemia is a nasty one,I nearly kick the bucket a few years ago, it set in so quickly. She was a most lovely mare and at least she died knowing she was loved and well cared for as all yours are…. x

  3. Linda Loba

    You summed it up perfectly; ” Just one of those beastly things. You have livestock and then you have deadstock.

    Velvereta’s time on this earth was precious. She was an amazing mare. The mother of some superb foals. We were privileged to know her.

  4. Rhonda Lane

    ::Shedding tears an ocean away.:: So very sorry. A special kind of heartbreak, an inevitable part of life, shadows those of us who choose to share our lives with animals. They grace us with their presence for such a short time. Some are with us for less time than others. My deepest sympathies to you all.

  5. Mandy

    I am so sorry Frances, she was such a lovely mare and to die whilst in foal is even more tragic. RIP Velvereta. 🙁


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