What a Day!

It’s been quite the day and we have spent it mostly indoors because, honestly, this has not been a day to be outside.  Too dangerous.

This morning, OH and I managed to feed everyone, though at one stage walking around the corner of the big shed with buckets nearly had me in the ditch with the sheer force of the wind.  It was a near one and I was scared.

Casualties, so far, are one yellow bucket which is probably in Norway now.  It had Haakon’s breakfast in it and I think he finished, lifted up his head and, whoomph, it was gone!

The sheep have hay and are happy enough. They come out to say hello but mostly are having a day off. I don’t blame them.

I have spent my day doing mundane stuff like watch an iPhone online photography video, which was actually very helpful.

I even tried a few portraits of myself.

And Ted, who was around, getting rather anxious about the house rattling in its foundations.

Then Monster had a go at comforting Ted by giving him something else to worry about.  Note the tail position.

In a minute, once it is dark, armed with my headtorch and small wee dug, I shall go out and put the hens and ducks to bed, check on the sheep and then call it a day.

(The horses and ponies are fine – I watch them from the upstairs windows eating while ignoring the storm-force winds. They know best how to deal with days like these.)

10 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. valerie ahlgren

    Nice to see you Francis!
    Waiting for a storm of our own here on the California Coast, north edge of Monterey Bay. Cannot match the fierce character of your Shetland weather though. Expecting lots of rain in our Coastal Mountains.
    Stay warm and safe.

    1. John Wallacee

      I saw on the news that Sumburgh had a gust of 78mph. But Faroe got 120mph, and there are reports of 150 somewhere on Faroe, which I don’t (yet) believe. Arran ferry was cancelled until about 3pm.

  2. Nancy MacMillan

    I always enjoy your wonderful photography but today I especially love your self-portraits. You look beautiful!!! They are wonderful pictures of you.


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