The Carrot Thief

After making my sheep, I usually walk up to the Ancients’ field to check they are ok and no one has colic or worse.

Today I took 3 large carrots. One each, fairly distributed or so I

I am always very popular and they all came over.

I noticed Haakon was standing like a giraffe!

But a carrot is a carrot and everyone had their fair share.

“Smile, please”, I said.

And while Iacs was working on his best camera-face, I noticed Haakon was eying up Iacs’ bit of carrot that he had been saving….

Poor Iacs – he had no idea.

But it was too late. The carrot was gone.

By the time Iacs had realised that it had vanished (*** cough Haakon ***), there was nothing I could do.

Poor Iacs. All that was left was a tiny bit that was not quite as big as he remembered.

I left the field feeling bad for Iacs and more than a bit annoyed at Haakon.  But Haakon is not called “Pig” for nothing.

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