Weathering the Storm

We are going hour-by-hour, making no major decisions, basically just getting through the next few days until this filthy weather subsides.  Today was not as bad as I thought it would be. First thing, we put Haakon and Iacs out into a small paddock and called the others (Taktur, Klængur , Kappi, Efstur and Dreki) up from their field where they had spent the night.

The younger horses were in the shed all morning with rugs off (thank you Efstur for trashing your’s) and lots of hay. Klængur hated it. He stood back, refused to eat and wanted out so we quickly put him outside in with Iacs and Haakon.

Klængur is a loner. He doesn’t like being hassled by youngsters and now I think about it, I have rarely seen him play.

So, because Klængur found being in the stable difficult, it just seemed kinder to take him out of the situation.

He was pleased to be reunited with his old friends and obviously took up carrot begging like a pro!

This afternoon, I threw everyone back out into their field, knowing they had a rest and a good pile of fibre/food to stoke their stomach heating boilers.  Medium weight rugs were put on Efstur (this is your absolute last chance!) and Taktur as the wind is moving round for a northerly gale so temperatures will plummet.  The old men are inside tonight. I thought about keeping Klængur in too, but ended up putting him out in the field as, like I said, he is not a stable kind of guy.

A funny boy really but I do understand how he feels.

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