Old Men

It’s been harsh outside today. A RealFeel® (Oh, I can’t believe I actually used that word – it makes me shudder!) of about minus 3 – it’s the windchill factor making everything worse.

Iacs and Haakon are outside during the day and Haakon rattles the front door-knob for treats if he knows I am in. And yes, of course, I always open the door and reward his entrepreneurial spirit!

And if I hand out one treat, I end up handing out two!  All is fair in this house.

Anyway, it is not warm.  That’s all I know.

And there is more “weather” to come.

We are now in for almost 48 hours of strong wind plus intermittent rain but the wind direction is turning round so it should get warmer.

On a good note, though, this morning Efstur came in for his breakfast with his rug still on, which is a plus point for him.  It was rough last night.

Taktur’s rug blew off over his head. Floss found a soggy heap which is now hanging up to dry.  The difference in rugs is leg-straps.  Taktur’s rug doesn’t have any.  Oddly all my bigger and heavier rugs don’t come with them (just a fillet string that goes under the tail) so I will take them all to have leg straps sewn on.  In this kind of weather (high winds) they make the difference between staying or flying off.  So for tonight, Taktur is in a rain-sheet with leg straps. He still looks handsome.

Haakon has his dressing gown but it comes off at night.

Bibble just has his silly-frilly. It flies on its own!

So, bring on the next 48 hours.  I am not looking forward to the struggle. Meh!


5 thoughts on “Old Men

  1. Sam

    Your old men look mighty handsome in their various rugs (silly youngen aside). How are the Ladies and Minions faring? And the humans?

  2. Louise

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this but please be careful that the leg straps are not encroaching on Taktur’s “manly bits”. We take the leg straps off our boy’s rugs for just that reason. Please stay safe in this nasty weather xx

    1. Frances Post author

      Oh, crikey, I hadn’t thought of that! Ours are fairly loose and floppy. I always have a quick furtle in the manly bits!

  3. Linda Kirk

    In the third photo, Iacs looks like a hairy native Mongolian pony. More handsome, obviously.

    Stay safe and warm.


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