We Meet Tór


Today Jo and Fiona came over with Tór (her new imported Icelandic gelding) and Hreyfing.  Tór is Taktur’s half brother.

Tór is pronounced Tor (like what you find on top of Glastonbury) and Hreyfing is pronounced, well I am not really sure to be honest!

The Minions were already in the indoor school, having their food while Daisy kindly mucked out their shed.  It is not easy to muck out with four helpful Minions so I had offered my diversionary services.

Tór investigated the school with the usual tour guides.


They made sure he never escaped.


Everyone introduced themselves very politely and, apart from the odd squeal, they were all a peaceful little bunch.


Silver was happy to share his hay with his new friend.


Iacs popped by as well, to have a shoe removed, and made friends too.

I love the way nothing phases my little Minions.  They are so confident in themselves.  When I think of what they were like all those months’ back.


Even little Tiddles was brave (so proud, sniff).


Waffle offered grooming advice to Jo, who obviously had no idea what she was doing.


And then the inevitable happened.


And that was that!







4 thoughts on “We Meet Tór

  1. Cate

    “Tiddley-pom, Tiddley-pom….”

    I keep forgetting his name. I keep calling him Tiny Tim!

    God bless them, everyone. 🙂

  2. Linda

    …and I see Tiddley is SMALLER than the Minions!

    But I think you deserve all the credit, Frances, for that confidence you’re seeing; good job!


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