The weather is having a break from its constant battle so, Daisy and I made the most of a dry day and we went for a ride, with Daisy on Iacs and me on my little orange Klængur.


I always think of Red Fraggle when I sit on his back.


Same ears, I think!


Despite Iacs losing a shoe, everyone was keen to go out, including BeAnne who will only go on a walk if I am going too.  This has meant she has shovelled on the Christmas weight and become rather portly.


Iacs was his usual happy self.  He is a solid gentleman both mentally and physically.

IMG_2168 IMG_2170

Flossie was kindly walking all the dogs for me.  This was Walk No 2 as she had already taken Loki for his long run.  Jack(et Potato), aged a billion, only goes on a slow potter to the end of the track and back.  He hates the horses with a passion and so was trying to “run” away, ok walk slightly faster before Floss clipped him back onto his lead.


And so we walked, tölted (Klængur, pronounced Clang-gur), trotted (Iacs, pronounced Eye-Yaks) and cantered up our favourite track.  BeAnne had a wonderful time aquaplaning in the large puddles.  Afterwards, she even found something extra pungent to roll in and triumphantly brought it home with her.


We are past the longest night so hopefully the light will get better – this is my excuse for these shamefully bad photos.

I am enjoying getting back into riding again.  Klængur and I are beginning to actually trust each other which is the best foundation for a friendship.

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