We Love a Box, We Do

A dear friend sent everyone a Christmas Box and when I type “everyone”, I mean everyone.  Sheep, cat, dogs, ponies, horses, chickens, ducks, people – in possibly that order.

Monster got his treats first, because he was very insistent, made a huge fuss and then he wanted the box too.

Others wanted that box.

They coveted it, actually.

And then they coveted the cat toy too.

But what is Monster’s stays with Monster.

He had a lovely time playing with the toys and enjoying the catnip.

It was definitely Monster’s box and toys.  No argument.

With the lovely presents distributed, or put away for later because no one should eat all their treats in one day, Pepper took to her bed.

Flossie took these photos from her prime spot on the sofa.

I adore this one.

And Daisy took this one earlier!  I am not sure I adore this as much.

7 thoughts on “We Love a Box, We Do

  1. Beth

    It is only the most special of friends who know EXACTLY what to pack in a box like that.

    I do not think I have ever seen Monster with toys – in your second photo he looks quite off his head on the catnip {grin}.

  2. Julia

    Oh that was a great Monster pic – thank you!! It was shared around our household and we all had a good chuckle. I love a box cat! Box cats are the best cats.


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