A Great Storm

Last night we had a mighty storm.  The winds howled – 80mph at its worst – and we had some frequent snow blizzards too.

I went to bed early while my little house shook.  Pepper came with me. She wasn’t scared but she wanted to be close by.  I don’t think Ted even noticed.

Tomorrow morning was a new day and much calmer.  The snow was mostly melting now which made driving to the Minions easier.

It was a soggy kind of snow and extra slippy, while being not very easy to walk in.

But the ponies were fine. They enjoyed their breakfast and then had their usual finishing-each-other’s-bowls argument.

The old ladies were on good form too.

Floss came with me and kept guard for Fivla (behind her) so she could finish her breakfast in peace.

Later on, after the dog walk to check the furthest field gate was still shut and hadn’t been destroyed in the storm, I checked on the Old Folk – Haakon, Iacs and Kolka.  I gave them some carrots. They had already had a breakfast bucket from Daisy (her job while she’s home).

So I am glad I didn’t get anyone inside last night.  They all have their shelter and grass in their fields. To come inside would’ve terrified them.  Ditto rugs blowing about and even off.  The horses and ponies’ winter fat and fur coats were all they needed last night.

8 thoughts on “A Great Storm

  1. Celeste

    So glad you survived the storm and didn’t lose power, I read that it was pretty bad. The roof flew off the Shetland Hotel and closed the road; many homes did lose power. Also glad all the critters are ok.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I thought about this morning when I was watching the weather forecast and saw the news about the Shetland Hotel. I’m so relieved that you came through the storm unscathed. I hope the next few days are a bit calmer.


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