Daisy and the Minions

Daisy knows the Minions and the Old Ladies very well so I asked her to come and inspect them in their field today.  I wanted her valued professional opinion.

And, of course, the Minions all know Daisy too.

Daisy said Vitamin looked good which made me happy.

Newt was a fat little Newt.

But incredibly cute so we forgive him.  If he could just be a tad nicer, that would be good too.

Silver was diagnosed as fat.  Daisy said it as she saw it. FAT.

Fivla, for her age, was ok.  We tell ourselves that she needs her excess weight for the bad weather ahead.

Storm and Waffle were hiding in their “bedroom” – the old walled garden.

I fear they have made it their own, like little boys do.

And the others were all said to be looking good.  The weather is disintegrating again for what seems like the rest of our lives so anyone’s extra weight will be needed for keeping warm and storing heat.  No one has rugs.

Anyway, I am glad Daisy saw the Minions.  She is going back to Glasgow tomorrow and we will all miss her hugely.

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