We go out

It was a lovely morning so Daisy kindly caught the lads and we decided to go out for a plod.  I told them all it would be a slow ride only it wasn’t because Haakon started by spooking at a sheep that looked at him in a funny way.  From then on, we went along at full pelt, giggling.

L1090438 IMG_0783

But it was wonderful to be out and about and they were very pesky them sheeps.

IMG_0789 IMG_0787 IMG_0790

Things were not improved by Daisy and Iacs racing us to the top of the hill.  But we laughed all the way and the moths were blown out along with the cobwebs of the last few months.  Butter wouldn’t melt but Haakon and I know better!  Evil pair.

Revenge – this is Daisy showing me just how big Iacs and her brains are combined.


My saddlecloth seemed to be leaving us so I dismounted elegantly and readjusted everything while Iacs licked my saddle.  Out of control horse.


We clattered our way home with Haakon thinking his name was “Get a Grip” as he ooohed and aaahed at every sheep.  I took a vague interest.  (Apparently Jo had the same thing 4 miles away where she was riding Fakur who tried to sit in a ditch – something in the air perhaps?)


Once home, I hopped off and BeAnne hopped on.  She was cross we hadn’t taken her (having refused to go in the house, we shut her in the shed and left her howling to herself).


She kindly rode Haakon back to his field.

L1090448 L1090451

She only dismounted because Hammy was taking an unhealthy interest.


So then he went off to annoy Daisy instead.



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  1. redvers crooks

    hi, thanks for showing me a great little remote island and its wonderful stunning scenery


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