Thunder & Lightning, Very Very Frightening

We were all in Lerwick today.  There was a huge cruise ship sitting in the fog and the Continental Market was in town as well.

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Look, look false teeth!


Anyway, we pottered up and down but were particularly taken by the scaffolding outside Jamiesons Knitwear.  It was a wonderful piece of innovation and a rare touch of humour in the fog-bound Lerwick.

L1090416 L1090418 L1090419

Messages done, we traipsed home and the weather became brighter and the skies bluer.  There was surface water about but we didn’t pay it much attention.


Upon our return, Daisy wanted to ride so she went to tack up Klængur.  I found her returning him to his field looking rather pissed-off.  He was unrideable, she stated but she didn’t know why.  However, she knew it would have been stupidity to get on. I phoned Jo to ask her what the weather had been doing.  Apparently there had been a thunder storm – massive thunder and lightning going on for ages.  Fiona had arrived to ride Hreyfing and had to turn tail and go home as the heavens opened.  Hreyfing was not playing ball either.  So that explained Klængur’s attitude.  Better left alone.  Daisy said Hammy was being very agreeable so we knew something was most definitely wrong!


Our eyes turned to Iacs (aka Bimble) and Haakon.  They were caught and brought in.  Daisy rode Bimble first. I read her a dressage test and they looked very nice together.


We knew there was nothing wrong with Bimble as his silly-frilly looked fine.


Haakon was not affected either.  He let BeAnne have a little rest, while the others worked hard.

BN2A7832 BN2A7851

And then, because he didn’t care about BeAnne, I had a go onboard which was lovely although it was more a Dressage Argument than a Dressage Test that we practiced.


I also decided, as no one was particularly watching, to step it up a gear and we had a very passable tölt on both reins.  Good on Daisy, she has kept him fit for me and trained him well these past few months.  I am hugely grateful.


BeAnne made her bed elsewhere and nodded off.  She obviously suffered in the thunderstorm without her mum.


I am a little bit peeved as I would’ve loved to try to photo the lightning.

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