With all this wind (and rain/sleet/snow/shitery), I decided to go for a leisurely drive this afternoon around the west side of Shetland looking for waves to photograph.

This winter has got to me. I am feeling totally scunnered with it.  I don’t have any actual riding time for my horses and yes, I have an indoor school but it is too noisy and Klængur is a great tripper in there. When he trips, he jars my back and makes me scared.  Excuses, excuses, I know but there you are.  That’s me at the moment.

So, feeling the effects of cabin fever, I had some me-time and went out.

Feeling rather curmudgeonly, I instantly cheered when I saw the oystercatchers (shalders – Shetland dialect) in the Minions’ summer field.  This is a direct sign that somewhere in the dim distance Spring is finally on its way.  Come on Spring.  Keep going. Don’t give up!

Poor little buggers. They are probably regretting their holiday choice already.  Tis a day of shite.

Sorry for miserable blog – rather going thru’ it today and had enough. Someone please tell it to stop.  We’ve all had enough.

11 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Liz

    Dear Frances,
    It has truly been a week of shite weather this past week here in Ireland too. Today, unusually, has been dry and not too cold. Cloudy etc but 2 outa 3 ain’t bad. So hopefully that little temporary improvement us on its way to ye from us.
    I know it all feels terrible, however I also do know that you have been through this kind of weather before, when Spring seems so far away, and you survived those times, so I am 110% sure that you will get through this too.
    Getting out and about was a good idea. I am going to get out and about myself tomorrow morning, today I did some very necessary and long overdue vacumning , floor mopping and freezer defrosting. I feel revitalised and much better than I did yesterday when I pretty much sat all day looking out at the rain and wind.
    Sending good wishes,
    There is at least a grand stretch in the evenings, as the Irish say. ,

  2. Margaret Robinson

    STOP! See, we all try and do as you ask. Cannot imagine what this is like to live through, but your photos are grand. Guess if there were surfers, they’d love it. We’ve got great waves around here, but nothing like those.

    Hope your time made you feel better. It will be Spring soon enough and things will be right again in your world.

  3. Linda Kirk

    Hmm…. shitery – is that a technical term? Never mind, I like it!

    On the bright side, you have Oyster Catchers. I’ve never seen one in the flesh, so to speak, the East end of Glasgow not being on their migratory path. You are so lucky with the wildlife you have on Shetland

    On my off days, I usually find vodka and cheesy watsits cheer me up no end.

    Hang in there, Spring IS on the horizon.

    Spring IS on the horizon.

  4. Diane McDougal

    I’m sorry you are having those miserable storms. It will get better I promise. You made my day with those beautiful pictures. I loved watching the waves crash on the shore when I was there with Steph and Alan. They were beautiful and rather calming for me.
    I so enjoy all of your photos.

  5. darby callahan

    Sorry it’s been such a dreadful Winter. However, the photos of the waves were were impressive. We have had , up to now, a fairly mild Winter in the Eastern US, but you never know about March or even April around here. My Daughter did spot a red winged blackbird at the barn today, so Spring is on it’s way. I myself am hoping to get my nerve back to ride again after a year of not being on a horse. walked around a bit to cool our pony out after my daughter had ridden her. trying to set small goals. hope you get some better weather soon.


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