I luff my horses from Iceland

I luff my horses from Iceland, I really do. Klængur is coming along so well under Daisy’s riding and Bjørn’s expert tutelage.

BN2A6823 BN2A6832 BN2A6858

It is lovely to watch and I am very proud of Daisy.  She has achieved this summer with my horses and she is about the only person I can watch ride them without feeling green with envy.


Today, too, Bjørn looked at Taktur who is enjoying his summer holidays with the lads.  I wanted him to tell me whether he thought Taktur was too thin (a mother does worry, you know).  Luckily he said he looked fabularse and had grown too.  We just have to keep reminding ourselves that he is only 4 years old which is very difficult as Taktur is a wise head on young shoulders and did so well when he was backed.  I refuse to use the word broken.  He was never broken to ride.  He was backed or trained.

BN2A6963 BN2A6971

This is a happy little field.  The boys are having the best summer and there is no arguing or bullying.

BN2A6967 BN2A6961  BN2A6972 BN2A6983 BN2A6985

Then the girls – I do not see enough of them.  All I know, in my heart, is that Hetja is wonderful and going to have lovely foals with Taktur.  They will complement each other beautifully.  She is so strong and regal.

L1080319L1080328 L1080331

Bjørn looked at them both as he hasn’t seen them for a while.  Esja is still a baby.  She thinks like a baby too but she is only 2 years old so it is just a matter of waiting for her to grow up some more before we start to do anything with her.

L1080330   L1080320 L1080327

So thems are my horses from Iceland.  They are happy here and have adapted to their new surroundings very quickly.  Now for some foals please…..

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  1. Karen

    Your horses really are stunning Frances and I am very envious. It makes me yearn to take up riding again. Beautiful horses and a lovely lady.


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