War of the Bed

I came downstairs one night to find this……. in OH’s sofa spot.  It was all a bit creepy.

BeAnne has gone off her various assortment of beds in the sitting-room (she has three including two vol-au-vents and a cave) so, being nice, I brought in her big bed from my shed as she always love to sleep in that. I wanted her to be comfortable during the day and, after careful thought and consideration, I placed it next to my desk so we could be near each other.

Of course, BeAnne instantly took a loathing to her bed.

And then Monster found it.

And promptly made it his own.

BeAnne sat alone, looking miserable and hard done by and of course I felt awful because that is what I do best.

This is one hard-done-by Bottom of Misery and with added tucked-in-tail of Despair.

Monster was in his Heaven.  He has barely left BeAnne’s bed.

So I tried again and booted Monster out, put BeAnne back in and, of course, the bed has now become the one place BeAnne loathes and will never go near.

Me?  Well, I have given up!



4 thoughts on “War of the Bed

  1. Sam

    Have you a sweater you have worn recently for BeAnne? One that does not have Monster’s cooties?
    A cat will always take the softest thing you do NOT want them on.

  2. M in NC

    Maybe its time to give the lovely sweater / blanket a good wash … before the winter sets in?
    Dog’s do have sensitive noses. A nice shampoo/conditioner that smells pleasant to us might repulse BeAnne. Just read the reply above … but still changing up the aroma might help. Too bad they don’t have bacon-scented conditioner.

    When we use to launder the cat’s blankies in the wash … it was the first one she would seek out. just as a heads up. Clean is a cat-magnet.


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